The City of Sedalia has closed the bridge that carries Washington Street over the railroad tracks after the Missouri Department of Transportation found some structural problems with the bridge.

The Missouri Department of Transportation was conducting a routine inspection of the bridge when they found some issues with the structure. Due to the extent of the issues with the bridge, they told the City that they believe the bridge is unsafe and should be shut down immediately.

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Heading the warning the City of Sedalia has closed the bridge, and engineers specializing in bridges are being engaged to develop a plan. The City of Sedalia will release more information as it becomes available.

The attached photo shows a sample of MoDOT's concerns about the bridge.

KSIS interviewed Sedalia Mayor Andrew Dawson Thursday afternoon at the bridge and he said that the next step in the process is to get bids in order to get repairs underway.

"MoDOT came in this morning and cited some safety concerns. They advised us that in the interest of public safety, it would be best to go ahead and shut it down temporarily, so we are working on getting it back up and functioning," Mayor Dawson said.

The Mayor admitted "it will take some time, as far as getting some engineering done, and getting contractors in here to get this stuff replaced."

Several support beams were highlighted with hot pink paint from a MoDOT bridge inspector. Plenty of rust was visible in those areas.

The only other overpass above the railroad tracks is the Highway 65 (North Limit) one. If all the crossings happen to be blocked at the same time, that is the only route for residents and first responders.

Sedalia Fire Chief Matt Irwin, when asked to comment on the situation, said "Emergency crews have encountered this concern in the past and developed a plan to coordinate our response. First responders will coordinate with each other to insure which crossings are open and the fastest route, ensuring a timely response to any emergency."

Washington Street Bridge closed

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