On Monday night, the Sedalia City Council heard a presentation from Olsson and Associates regarding the Menard's and Main Street West Lift Station situation.

Randy Kirby
Randy Kirby

A spokesman presented three options to Council to deal with the ever-increasing issue with wastewater in the area at the west edge of Sedalia near Main and Highway 50.

The Menard's lift station is currently running 62 percent of the time. The spokesman said that 32 percent would be preferable, as it is nearly pushed to its capacity now.

Option one would rebuild the existing pumps. Option two (at a cost of $820,000) would rebuild one station and eliminate the other. Option three (at a cost of $950,000) would cover the cost of a new lift station and eliminate an existing one, plus eliminate another one over time.

The third option, which would have a 900 gallons-per-minute rating and service 225 acres, was recommended by Olsson as the best long-term option. Construction could start as early as this fall.

Olsson added that one current lift station badly needs replacing, and “significant electrical improvements” are also needed.

The Council will mull over the options and the associated costs as part of the next work session, scheduled for May 22.

In other action, the Council:

*Tabled an ordinance establishing a two-way stop at 14th and Quincy (stopping 14th street traffic) until it can be discussed at the next work session. The change was recommended by the Citizens Traffic Advisory Committee.

*Tabled a decision on the 30-day extension granted to Lawrence J. Klein reference a six-foot fence around his business at 16th and Harrison, until it can be discussed further at a May 22 work session.

*Accepted a bid from Independent Salt Company, based out of Kansas, for $62.25 per ton. A total of seven bids were received.

*Approved the purchase of a 2014 Chevy Malibu for $11,600 for the Community Development Department (through the cooperative procurement program).

*Approved a funding agreement between the City and Kroeger Properties, III, LLC, for ownership and development rights to property located at 2700 West Broadway.

*Repealed a no-parking restriction on the west side of Montgomery between 15th and 16th street.

*Approved a new liquor license for Brad Wikstrom dba Craft Beer Cellar, 700 S. Ohio, for sidewalk cafe consumption, $50.

*Renewed liquor licenses for Vipul Patel dba Liquor Locker, 513 W. Main and Abdul Merlos dba El Mercadito, 812 W. 16th. Both are packaged liquor sales and Sunday sales, $450.

*Heard a financial update from City Finance Manager Kelvin Shaw.

*Heard a brief presentation from Joplin Foundation Board President Kathleen Boswell. She thanked the City for its $10,000 donation to the Joplin Festival. She also invited Council members to participate in the Ragtime Parade during the festival after the Vintage Fashion Contest, which starts at 9 a.m. June 1.

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