A water main break that occurred at 20th and Limit just a few minutes after 5 pm Thursday shut down a few Sedalia businesses and slowed down rush hour traffic.

The Sedalia Water Department and Sedalia Police responded to the area and ended up shutting down the outside lane of northbound 65 for a few blocks, and work continued throughout the night, with both northbound and southbound lanes reduced to one lane after the department dug a huge hole to find the exact location of the break.

About 10 to 12 feet of pipe has been replaced. Motorists are urged to slow down and use caution, as there are still several personnel and large water department trucks in the area this morning.

Evergy was also on scene early Friday morning.

According to City officials, a 24-hour boil advisory has been issued for the area. Some residents were reportedly without water service.

According to Sedalia Mayor Andrew Dawson, "We had a 16-inch water main break nine feet down, crews worked last night replacing 11 feet of pipe. The hole should be closed up and the road open by noon."

Water Break in Sedalia

Repairing the leak

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