I will be turning 50 in 2023.  Yes, I am getting older.  We all are.  I have a nephew that just turned 26 and on occasion I think about what I enjoyed when I was his age, that perhaps I don't enjoy now, or I find unimportant.

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I found a thread online where people are talking about things that we like less and less as we get older.  There was also some items that people seem to ENJOY as they get older.  Let looked at the items that are liked less and less according to those who responded.

Social Media

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My mother would echo this, big time.  Social media doesn't seem to be enjoyed as much as people get older.  Probably because for some, it means learning something new.


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Anything with a bit of hype that requires you to stand for a long time.  I don't see myself waiting a long time when I can go elsewhere.  Voting does seem to be the exception.

Drinking Alcohol

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My hunch is that as you get older, you enjoy and savor your alcohol drinks and don't drink to get drunk and deal with a hangover the next day.  And it is expensive.

Shopping For Anything Including Groceries

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One person said that shopping seems like more of a chore as you get older as opposed to something that could be fun.  To some extend, I agree.  Certainly more shopping is done online now, instead of in-person.


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My grandmother stopped driving when she turned 80 and never drove after that.  Younger people I certainly could see having fun in a car on a road trip.  Certainly as we get older, our motor skills slow, and reaction times as well, so this made sense to me.

Video Games

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I still have an Atari 2600.  That was the last video game I played.  Never bought a game system.  I don't see too many "older people" playing Nintendo. No interest.  But an old school arcade might be fun.


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One responder said "Kids are all about opening presents, having fun, and eating. But as adults you need to be the one who cooks the big meal, organize all the fun, and buy the presents.  It becomes too much work.  I get it.  How my mother still does it amazing me.

Staying Up Late

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It does appear that as you get older, you go to bed earlier and get up earlier.  My house back home, it seems to be an anomaly.  My mother, goes to bed early, boyfriend is up late and sleeps until noon.


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Yeah, I get it.  Snow may be nice on occasion, but sometimes we react to it like Lucy.  The shoveling, the vehicle being stuck in it, walking through it.

Loud Noises and Places

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Loud noises in general (perhaps because of hearing issues) especially in places like bars, clubs and at parties, do not seem to go over as well as we get older.

Are there any of the 10 on this list that hits home for you?  Are there others that need to be added to this list? Share your thoughts.

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