We are in a world of constant on the go and it's nice to be able to sit down at Wendy's and get the feel that you're not in a hurry and can get a wide variety. This month, Wendy's introduced the all new Grilled Chicken Sandwich and I gave it a whirl.

The all new Grilled Chicken Sandwich is an all-white meat chicken breast that's raised without antibiotics and marinated in a blend of herbs and topped with a tangy herb sauce on a multigrain bun.

I have always enjoyed the chicken sandwich in the past, however this one tasted juicer to me and I think what really made it over the top delicious to me was the multi-grain bread. Just about every sandwich I have is on a multigrain bun of some variation.

The sauce also added an extra dimension with a tangy zip that I do enjoy to throw a variation to the traditional sandwiches. One thing I'm fond of is honey mustard on a chicken sandwich and the tangy sauce did just the trick needed.

However, one thing I was most impressed with was the spinach leaves and salad toppings that really completed the sandwich.

I think this is a welcome new change of health friendly and tastiness blending together in one sandwich.

The Kansas City Wendy's market is one of the test markets and in my book, deserves a shot to stay on the menu.

Try it and let me know your thoughts on this new menu item.


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