Okay guys, I'll admit it - I do not have a green thumb.It's not that I dislike caring for growing things, I just... forget sometimes to take care of them.  That's why Steve and I are such a good fit.  He hangs out in my office, I water him maybe once a week.  In exchange, he grows vine type things and I keep his vines off the floor.  We leave each other be.

I have a yard at my house, of course, and Dad loves to plant flowers along the side (I planted some daisies a few years ago but... that's about it.  He's definitely got more of a gardening interest than I do).


Usually there's just a bunch of wildflowers there, but this year he planted tulips.


I don't know if I've seen the white ones before, they're pretty!

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WELL, apparently that stuff growing along side of your house isn't just for looks.  They can also be nutritious!

Here are six common flowers you should add to your diet, according to PlanetGreen.com.

1. Dandelions. They're packed with antioxidants, and also have potassium. They're bitter, but if you like Arugula, they say you should try them in a salad.

2. Day Lilies. The flower part is sweet, and it's a good source of vitamin C. You can eat that part raw. But the roots are better if you boil them first, like potatoes.  You don't have to eat the stems. Apparently they don't have much nutritional value. Just be careful, because lilies can be deadly for cats.

3. Hibiscus. The best thing to do is make tea. Take about ten flowers, soak them in hot water, and add a little lime. The people at PlanetGreen.com claim it tastes great hot or cold.

4. Lilacs. They taste like they smell, but it's not overwhelming. And the best thing to do is use them as a garnish. PlanetGreen.com suggests mixing them in with vanilla frozen yogurt or ice cream.

5. Violets. The flowers and the leaves are edible, and adding them both to your salad adds a little color. But you can also use the flower part to make jelly or tea.

Well, looks like I won't be eating my tulips anytime soon.  Or the Daffodils by the garage.  Oh darn, I'm so sad about it.... /sarcasm.  Have you tried any of the health benefits of flowers?  Would you?  What's growing in your yard or garden this year?

Flowerly yours,


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