Winter is officially here Dec 21st.  When you think winter, what comes to mind? Probably cold temperatures, ice on the roads making it tough to drive, and for me (maybe you agree), SNOW!  You may be a fan of snow, you may not, but either way, we are probably going to get some.

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The other day, I got up and there was a tiny bit of snow that had fallen overnight.  I could blow it off of my car but it was snow none the less.  I am going home to Illinois to see my family for the holiday and it sounds like we will be getting some brutal cold, and perhaps a little bit of snow.

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According to, neither Sedalia nor Warrensburg are in the top ten cities in Missouri who got the most snow in Missouri last year.  That title goes to Savannah, Missouri.  Fulton, and Mexico did however finish in the top ten. Savannah averaged about 20 inches in 2022.  Sedalia seems to get about an average yearly snowfall of about 13.5 inches per year.  That is actually manageable.  Although if it get all dumped on at once, it can be a pain for sure. You can click HERE to get more details on annual snowfall for Sedalia.

As for our state of Missouri, it looks like the small town of Weston Missouri finished first with an average snowfall of 24.32 inches every year.  You can click HERE for the list of all the town in Missouri with info on population and annual snowfall.

We know cold weather is coming by Christmas.  I hope we beat the odds and get a White Christmas.  You can read Rob's article HERE about our chances. I hope a measurable amounts falls.  It would be a nice Christmas present.

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