So last night, I was tossing and turning.  Perhaps I couldn't find the right temperature in my room.  Acid reflux, pet sleeping on my legs.  Could have been a number of factors, but it got me to thinking about how people sleep, and where they sleep.

For me, I sleep in my bed at night, but I cannot take a nap there.  Couch, recliner, the floor...I can nap almost anywhere as long as it isn't where I sleep at night.  Weird, huh?

I have lived in many homes and apartments in my life, and sometimes that dictates what side of the bed I sleep on.  I don't necessarily have a particular "side" but many people do.  Turns out, this can also link a personality trait.

If you sleep on the left side of the bed - left brained.  Right side of bed - Right brained. I once took a test and as it turned out, I am almost 50/50.  Which makes sense, since I have been on each side of the bed at different points in my life.

A recent study found that people who sleep on the left side of the bed tend to like oldies and drama films, and right side like rock music and action films.  Not sure I agree with that.

Some other notes found 40% of people stick to one side of the bed because it is easier to get out of one side of the bed easier.  (I totally agree with this one) 31% are on a particular side because their partner prefers the other side. 31% also choose a side of the bed that is closest to the nightstand, and 25% choose the side of bed that allows themselves to see the TV easiest.

Do you agree with any of these findings? Share your thoughts.

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