I recently posed the question, if you drained the Missouri River what would you find? Here's what you told me you think is in the riverbed.

Kelly mentioned she thought it was weird that a lot of people gravitated toward dead bodies. She's right, it's a little weird but not unexpected. From Big Pussy's demise in "The Sopranos" to the occasional floater in the Hudson River on "Law and Order" dumping of dead bodies in a river is a standard TV and movie trope.

It's probably true if you drained the Missouri River you'd find dead bodies. Do a Google search and you'll find out that occasionally a dead body is found in the river, so it makes sense if we drained it you'd find some. Lake Mead has been drying up because of the drought and they've found some bodies already. Newsweek suggests they may find hundreds of dead bodies in the lake.

Jimmy Hoffa
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Before we move on though, this is a good time to mention that Robin and Jimmie think that we'll find former Teamster President JimmyHoffa at the bottom of the Missouri. I still think he's somewhere in the concrete of one of the Meadowlands developments in New Jersey.

Paulette says we'll find her hopes and dreams at the bottom of the river. Your dreams, and many others I'm sure.

Shall we move on? This is getting a little more morbid than I was expecting.

As far as finding cool stuff at the bottom of the river, there is no mention of those sunken Missouri River steamboats. Although, you might find the dream of bringing the National Steamboat Museum to Marshall Junction in the riverbed. Shaylen does think we'll find boats though.


Keith thinks if we drain the river we'll wake up the dragons, and Shaleena says she heard they had drained a river and found dinosaur tracks. They were actually found in a riverbed in Dinosaur Valley State Park in Texas. That story actually made ABC World News Tonight.

Finally, there are the mundane things people mentioned you would expect to find in drained or drought-parched rivers.

Christine Glade
Christine Glade

Pete got very specific when he said he thinks we'd find a 1975 couch. Aubrey thinks we'll find numerous old cars, and Amanda mentioned old appliances in her laundry list of discarded things she thinks people have dumped into the Missouri River over the years.

Glasgow Jimmy states the obvious, a big long ditch, while bill thinks we'll find mud. Lots and lots of mud.

So that's what you think we'd find at the bottom of the Missouri. Dead bodies, Jimmy Hoffa, old cars and appliances, sunken steamships, hopes and dreams, dinosaur tracks, and as Kelly suggests, lots of things nobody really needs to talk about.

Just don't wake up the dragons.

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