Now that the Jenny Jaynes stadium property will be purchased by the Sedalia Parks and Rec Department, the space will become a community center in the near future. Warrensburg and Clinton already have community centers, but both of them are different. What would you like to see in your future community center?

The Clinton Community Center has a gymnasium which features a collegiate size court with three goals on the side. When league play is not in session, three courts can be used running vertically for a "open gym" games. On the upper level, Clinton also has a walking track and an aerobics area. On the main floor, you can find two meeting rooms available for classes and meetings.

The Warrensburg Community Center has an indoor aquatic center that is used for swimming competitions as well as pool exercises and leisure. The gymnasium has a main playing court for league play similar to Clinton, and for side goals for "open gym" play. Warrensburg has rooms for children activities, public meetings, and even voting. On the second level, a walking track, aerobics room, and a weightlifting gym came be found.

Those are just a few of the things that each area community center has. Tell us some of the features you want to see at the new Sedalia Community Center.

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