Yesterday was National Burger Day so I posted a question on the KIX 105.7 Facebook page - "What's your favorite place in the area for a hamburger?" We got some great responses.

If you didn't know May is National Burger Month so it was appropriate to wind up the month with a special day honoring the goodness that we throw on the grill and place between two buns.

We're lucky to have not only in Sedalia but also in the area, some great locations to either drive thru and purchase a burger on-the-go or to sit down to enjoy.

From the questions I submitted on Thursday, May 28, we got some answers to locations where you can get a great burger. We were fortunate to have over 1,600 views.

Here's some of the remarks from our KIX 105.7 fb page-

Scott V. - Freddy's is great. But Coltons and Buffalo Wild Wings have great restaurant burgers as well.

Billiie W. - I miss Griff's!!!

Cassie H. - Colton's

There were a number of folks that chimed in saying that Goody's was the best place to grab a  burger.

Becky C. - Goodys..Had one today! Others included Rachael W., Gene W.,  and Lisa G. W.

Sonic was included in the mix of things as well as Andrea D. and Sandra G. cast their votes.

Jackie D. went on to say - Fast Food- Wendys/Sonic...Full Service- Country Kitchen

Doug S. - Freddy's

Even had a couple of places I hadn't heard of-Judy's Kitchen and Mary Jane's. After investigating I found out the Mary Jane's is south of the 'Burg. Changes N Time I didn't know of either. It's located in Stover. It was recommended by Sam H.

And believe it or not we even had one comment that said there are no good burgers in Sedalia! From Kaylen W. - where in Sedalia!

So there you go! Btw...a place you wouldn't think of having a great burger in Sedalia-LeMaire's. Try their Cajun Burger! Js

Hungrily yours...Beau


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