Play “where in the world is our DJ?” and you could win a two-night stay at Red Roof!

Based on these clues, which Red Roof is our DJ hiding at? Visit to figure it out. Enter the location and you can win a two-night stay at Red Roof.


  • Less than one mile from McCarran Airport
  • Across the street from the Hard Rock Casino
  • Walking distance to Morton’s Steak House and Ferraro’s Italian Restaurant

Booking online at Red Roof dot come is easier than ever with a simple Tap! Tap! Go! The brand new is friendly to travelers, getting you an affordable place to stay in as little as three clicks. The site is mobile friendly, perfect for travelers booking on the go. The new “Along-A-Route” feature gives road trippers all Red Roof properties along their routes. Save money and time by booking direct on

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