Last night I headed to the Blue Note in Columbia for a concert. As I walked to the bar to order my Coors Light tallboy, I actually thought for a second, what a boring ass choice. I'm at this club, seeing this great show, my buddy Mike is debating what cocktail to get. And my other buddy James, well he enjoys good whisky. And I can't even muster up the desire to try a craft beer.

Then tonight, I see this article on Buzzfeed. Stereotypes Associated With Cocktail and Drink Orders. And it made me do a whole thing again about what my Coors Light order meant last night.

Thank goodness no one mentioned a stereotype for the guy ordering the Coors Light at a concert. The closest they came was the stereotype that if you order a shot and a domestic beer, you probably work at a manual labor job. Which is a gross generalization and stereotype. I mean we lived on a six-pack of Bud and a bottle of Boone's Farm when we wanted to catch a healthy buzz in college. So beer isn't just for hard-working dudes doing back-breaking work.

As for Mike's Double Captain and Coke. Otherwise known as a strong watered-down rum and Coke made with Captain Morgan at clubs and bars nationwide. No one skewered that either, although, that was my go-to drink in my 20s when I was doing club remotes for a radio station and having to drag a bunch of college kids over to my setup and put them on the radio with me. Because nothing says come party with us like a bunch of tipsy co-eds and a radio station DJ talking about cheap booze and dancing. I needed that double Captain and Coke to make it through that.

I'll admit it, the article and observations are funny. And it's a send-up of what people may think when you order a certain drink at a bar. It's even funnier when you and your squad embody the cast of Sex And the City and you all order Cosmos.

Except, if that's your thing. Then that's your thing.

I mean I didn't give Mike a hard time about his Double Captain and Coke, it actually sounded good to me. And I can't tell you what my buddy James drank. So go ahead. Instead of trying to project some image based on your adult beverage choice. Or worrying about some stereotype associated with your cocktail. Just order it, because frankly, no one cares what you're drinking. And the bartender, he or she just cares how big a tip you leave him or her.

And me and my Coors Light. Boring or not, it was an easy order. It was delicious. And it was the perfect complement to the music I was experiencing last night. And isn't that what a cocktail, a shot, or a beer is really about?

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