The 2012 MLB All-Star game is taking place Tuesday night. The winner will get home field advantage in the World Series, so who will take it this year?In sports, an all-star game is generally a pointless game played for the fans. In baseball, it actually has meaning. So player selection, and a good starting pitcher is key to a good start.

Many are saying that New York Mets pitcher RA Dickey got snubbed in favor of San Francisco’s Matt Cain for the All-Star game start in the National League. The choice to start Cain over Dickey isn’t a big surprise, being that Dickey primarily throws the knuckleball. The American League has gone with Detroit ace Justin Verlander. Both pitchers give their teams a big advantage to start out strong.

Historically, the American league has the advantage. It has a 42-38 record, but the National League has won the last two contests — and the last two World Series.

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