Wildlife Ridge Winery (WRW) will feature their eight specialty wines at the 'Sip and Shop' event this Friday, Sept. 27, from 3-8 p.m. at the VFW in downtown Sedalia. Kristy and Kevin Long, owners of WRW and co-sponsors of the 'Sip and Shop' wine tasting, have listed the names and types of wines that they will be showcasing this weekend. Here are their different kinds of wines and what I thought of them:

White Wines:

  • Bone Dry - A dry, white wine with a hint of apple-after-taste.
  • Cricket - A semi-dry, white wine with a citrus, pear-like flavor.
  • Roxie's Sweet Rose - A pinkish wine that is reminiscent of strawberries.
  • Sugar Britches - The Mascato-type for the connoisseurs.

Red Wines:

  • Sunset Rose - A dry, red wine with no "oaky" after-taste.
  • O Positive - A semi-dry wine made with Missouri's Norton grape. Make sure and spin the glass counterclockwise if you are looking for a smooth taste.
  • Paint Brush Red - My favorite, semi-dry wine there. Try it with chocolate chips; it tastes like chocolate covered cherries.
  • Sweat Pea - It is what it sounds like. This one is for those who have a sweet tooth.

The Longs are looking forward to this weekend's 'Sip and Shop' wine tasting with great enthusiasm.

"We just wanted to give people a chance to learn about Wildlife Ridge Winery and to try our wines. We have some unique blends," said Mrs. Long. "Our wines don't have an over-powering, oaky taste."

The lack of harsh, oak-flavors is due to the fact that WRW doesn't store their wines in oak barrels, but rather in stainless steel containers off-site. WRW is located in Bahner, Mo. but has a Smithton address (see below). The quaint wine shop, which sits on 98 acres of farmland, overlooks a small lake and provides a quiet setting for wine enthusiasts and couples who want to get away.

"We don't want our selection to become a grocery store-type of wine," said Mr. Long. "We are here to sell an experience. You just to get to enjoy some wine in the process."

WRW will be co-hosting this weekend's 'Sip and Shop' with 4K Cheese and Meats. If you are interested in doing a tour of the Wildlife Ridge Winery, contact Kristy or Kevin Long at (660)-343-5493 or (660)-287-4617. Also feel free to check out their Facebook page. They are located at 34751 Miller Road Smithton, Mo. 65350.

What wines are you most interested in? Tell us what types of wines you would like to try in the comments section below.

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