I've always been a big fan of Halloween. Ever since I was little, I've just always enjoyed the costumes, candy, and getting scared. I definitely want to visit a haunted house this year. I'm new to the area, so obviously I've never been to any here, but I definitely want to check out these really cool haunted attractions in Kansas City.  We'll be giving away tickets for them right here on our website!

  • The Beast: An "open format" haunted attraction, this one features a quarter acre werewolf forest you have to find your way out of, the legendary Headless Horseman, a 16 foot alligator and a humongous four-story straight slide.
  • Macabre Cinema: In a 1930s movie theater, you don't just watch the horror movie, you're IN it! It's an hour long, has over 30 scenes in four floors, and has all the big names, like Jason, Chuckie, Freddy Kruger, and more brought to life.
  • The Chambers of Edgar Allen Poe: Thirteen stories in the historic West Bottoms, this house is said to be ACTUALLY haunted! Discovery Channel's "Ghost Lab" even investigated. It plays a lot with your senses, and you take part in some of Poe's most famous tales like The Raven, Telltale Heart and more!

My girlfriend Jami's birthday is actually the night before Halloween, so she's a Halloween fanatic too. She's coming to visit for a week in October, We do a lot of stuff in October, and one of the best parts about the season will be going to Haunted House attractions.

If you want to check out these haunted houses, make sure you get registered to win tickets online, and stay tuned for chances to win tickets on the air.