I know many of you are animal lovers and treat your dog or cat as a member of the family. I know I'm very pet friendly and can't remember a very long period of time without one. This morning, I read this story of a woman who had died as a result of cancer at the age of 68. She requested that her guide dog be buried with her. I'm thinking that sounds like a good request that when a person dies, they would like whenever their dog or cat dies to be buried with the owner. However, that is not what was requested. She had her guide dog euthanized and buried with her for her funeral.

I am highly surprised this is not illegal to do, but apparently it has happened in the past. I don't think I could do such a thing, nor ask my family to do it for me.

What do you think of this situation? Would you want to euthanize your dog or cat for your funeral? Would you ask your family to do this for you as a last dying wish?