Welcome back to another "Would You Rather Wednesday." Thanks to everyone who participated in the last poll. It was our highest participated poll and most balanced one we have had to date.  Fifty-seven percent of you said that you'd rather constantly have Cheetos cheese-covered fingers than constantly have a runny nose.

Lately there has been a lot of talk about space tourism.  Civilians can book their seat to venture out into the galaxy. Plenty of people also believe that aliens are in outer space. Going to space would be a great experience, but what if you could actually live in space?

While space tourism is still working out the kinks, visiting the deep sea had been something people have done for years.  People take trips to the ocean to scuba dive and get to experience the world of underwater life. Eventually you have to come back up to the surface.

Which brings me to my would you rather question.  Would you rather be able to live in outer space or underwater?

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