I love this time of year, it's great for everything.  Even though youth soccer is about over, I bet those kids still wish it was going on.  My best friend's son plays, and what an awesome time it is with all of the parents, grandparents and kids outside at Clover Dell Park.  It's also great to see the support for the high school football teams on those chilly nights.  I just love being outside!

Bow season has been going for about one month now.  It's been a good one, but it's only going to get better.  The conservation department moved youth season to a week before adult season this year, which I disagree with.  The kids should have the chance to kill a big buck during the best time, during pre-rut and rut.  Oh well.

Speaking of youth hunts, the MO Kids Outdoors Youth Hunt will be during the first weekend of November, so watch for details and photos of the hunt to come.

We'll also have more details on our Wounded Warrior hunt during the second weekend of regular rifle season.  We'll be taking at least seven of our warriors from Fort Leonard Wood.  We're honored to have been contacted for this, it's going to be awesome.  Call me at 660-596-8545 if you'd like to get involved.

Don't forget to take a shot at our DQ Question of the Week, register to win a deer processing certificate from Ray's Custom Butchering, and make sure you check out our awesome cooking aprons.  Thanks, and remember to be safe in the woods and thank the Lord for the harvest you have taken.