Preliminary data from the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) shows that young hunters ages 6 through 15 harvested 3,899 deer during Missouri’s late youth portion of the 2020 deer hunting season, Nov. 27-29. Of the 3,899 deer harvested, 1,433 were antlered bucks, 520 were button bucks, and 1,946 were does.

Top counties for the late youth portion were Osage with 90 deer harvested, Pike with 87, and Franklin with 72.

Last year’s harvest total for the late youth portion was 1,950 with 771 being antlered bucks, 204 button bucks, and 975 does.

According to Jason Isabelle of the  Missouri Department of Conservation:

"The total for this year’s late youth portion is the highest on record. Great weather contributed to an impressive harvest total for this year’s late youth portion of firearms deer season.”

Isabelle added that during shorter portions of firearms deer season, weather has an especially important effect on harvest.

The article from the MDC goes on to say that  weather for most of the late youth portion was great this year. Pleasant conditions struck a nice balance between being cool enough to encourage deer movement, but comfortable enough for young hunters to be out in the field.

Total harvested numbers varied from Pettis, and surrounding counties:

Pettis-Antlered Bucks-18, Button Bucks-8, Does-21, Total-47

Johnson-Antlered Bucks-23, Button Bucks-8, Does-16, Total-47

Morgan-Antlered Bucks-21, Button Bucks-6, Does-27, Total-54

Saline-Antlered Bucks-15, Button Bucks-2, Does-10, Total-27

Benton-Antlered Bucks-26, Button Bucks-3, Does-36, Total-65

Cooper-antlered Bucks-6, Button Bucks-6, Does-24, Total-36

Henry-Antlered Bucks-21, Button Bucks-3, Does-22, Total-46

For current ongoing preliminary harvest totals by season, county, and type of deer, visit the MDC website at

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