Have any of you flown out of the KCI airport? My experience has always been a pleasant one when flying out of there. 

I have always flown Southwest Airlines out of there and have found it very convenient and easier than flying out of St Louis.  You may be aware that Southwest was getting an expanded terminal.  You can read my past story about it HERE.   We have some good news for travelers.

attachment-KCI AIrport

Well if you have flown out of this location, then spring of 2023 should be a great time to explore some of the new locations that they will now travel to.  The airline’s spring schedule includes nonstop service from Kansas City to Albuquerque and Indianapolis, the Kansas City Aviation Department announced. Southwest is restoring the routes, which were removed from the schedule after the Covid-19 pandemic hit.

Southwest also will add flights from KCI to Atlanta, Los Angeles, San Diego and St. Louis in April, and to Las Vegas and Pensacola and Orlando, Florida, in June.

The new terminal at KCI is scheduled to open on March 3. The $1.5 billion project will bring a wealth of new amenities, including 50 retail and dining spaces. Aviation officials also hope that the terminal will lead to increased traffic and flights to the airport. In case you were curious, about a 44% market share is what Southwest has from this airport.  The next closest airline is American at about 18%.  You can click HERE to get more info.

Since I like to go to Vegas a lot, the fact that they will be adding a few more flights there instead of the 3 non-stop options they tend to have will be nice.  Maybe I need to plan a vacation soon.  What has your experience been like flying from KCI? Good or bad?

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