So as you may recall, we moved house not too long ago. One of the things we had to do was change our phone number. We signed up for the national and statewide no-call lists, but we keep getting some strange calls.Sometimes we'll get people who are on the line but don't say anything, and telemarketers who call for someone that we don't know. It got me thinking about phone etiquette. When I was little, I was taught that if you call someone, you greet them, identify yourself and then ask for the person you want to speak to.  If you're answering the phone, you say hello and then if the person wants to talk to someone who isn't there, you take a message.

I hate it when someone calls me, I pick up and say hello, and they say "Who's this?" You called me! Don't you think you should be doing the identifying? I also really hate it when people will call you, you'll tell them they have a wrong number, and they get mad at you!  What's the deal with that!? It's not my fault you called the wrong number!

So, Enquiring Minds want to know: What's your telephone etiquette pet peeve?

Let me know some of yours, we'll share them on the air!

Politely yours,