Cole Camp Boonslick Library has a lot of great stuff going on this summer for all ages.  They not only have local authors coming in to discuss their work, but they have several summer reading programs and demonstrations. Summer reading is very important for young kids - they lose some of what they are learning through the school year if they just tune out all summer. This is what researchers have often referred to as the “summer slide.”  It is estimated that school summer breaks will cause the average student to lose up to one month of instruction.  Researchers conclude that two-thirds of the 9th grade reading achievement gap can be explained by unequal access to summer learning opportunities during the elementary school years, with nearly one-third of the gap present when children begin school.  That's why the Cole Camp Boonslick Regional Library encourages the whole family to get involved in the activities at the library -  getting the family involved is bound to keep the little ones more engaged in reading.  And luckily for us all, the CCBRL has a lot for the whole family!  I got to talk with Greg Burel, Branch Supervisor down at the library, about their summer reading, BYOL, and their book signing.

The Library would like to welcome local historian and author Jeffrey Lutjen for a book signing of his just re-released book "No Time for Tears". He will be signing copies of his book Thursday the 29th of May from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. in the meeting room at the Cole Camp Boonslick Library.  Don't forget about their Bring Your Own Lunch program, on the 22nd, and get the kids signed up for summer reading by June 6. Get more information by going to their website or calling (660) 668-3887, and you can always go by at 701 W. Main Street in Cole Camp.

Readingly yours,