About three weeks ago, a story came out about a teen who got a tattoo of a McDonald's receipt, on his forearm. I asked what crazy tattoos our listeners would get if it came with perks. Here are my favorite answers, in no particular order.

  1. A Fox tat, for a free bike.
  2. Victoria's Secret angle wings, for a lifetime supply of free Victoria's Secret.
  3. A Starbucks cup, for free Starbucks.
  4. A Budweiser bottle, for a case of beer a week for life.
  5. A Tilted Kilt tattoo, for a lifetime of free buffet.
  6. A Walmart receipt, for a free Walmart gift card.
  7. A Hooters girl, for a lifetime of free wings.
  8. A Hooters receipt, for a lifetime of free wings.
  9. We also had a bunch of vague answers for money. These ranged from only $100 to $10,000 a week for life.

It turns out 59% of you would not get a crazy tattoo even if it came with perks. As far as the other 41%, those were the best answers.

I am in the group of people who would get a crazy tattoo. I would get a Chiefs Tattoo for a lifetime of free season tickets. The only places I would not let them tattoo me is on my head, neck, hands or extra sensitive areas.

I would also like to challenge those businesses to take people up on their tattoo ideas! Mostly because I think it would be funny, and I would like to get video of it for our YouTube channel. Also I would like the Chiefs tickets, so if they would agree to that, it would be great!

Thanks for taking the survey.