Each year during the Missouri State Fair there is a day dedicated to the Missouri Farm Bureau.  Today (August 12) is Missouri Farm Bureau/Farm Family Day at the Missouri State Fair. 

I usually make my way through the Farm Bureau Building at least once or twice during the fair, especially to see what new exciting things Missouri farmers are doing and to also hear their trial and tribulations.  Last year it was the flooding, and this year it's the drought.

Each year Missouri State Fair visitors make it a tradition to get fresh milk for a quarter.  I had a chance to talk with the Missouri Farm Bureau Public Affairs Director, Estil Fretwell, who told me that chocolate milk is more popular than white milk, and that year after year people come into the building just for the milk.

In addition to the milk, you have the chance to take a straw poll for presidential, governor, and senator elections.  Fretwell said, "The straw poll is done every two years, it's been about 70% accurate in predicting the winner come election time.  However, the remarkable thing is that it is 100% accurate in how the rural community votes."

You can also visit the building to see how successful agri-tourism is.  There has been a push to ban crayfish being used for bait and there is a petition to make sure this doesn't happen that you can sign it in the Farm Bureau Building.

Also, be sure to ask about Missouri Century Farmer's book, “Missouri’s Century Farms: Preserving Our Agricultural Heritage,”which was unveiled on opening day to highlight Missouri Farmers who have proudly farmed for 100 or more years.

When you visit the Farm Bureau you can find there are benefits to joining the Farm Bureau, including a deal with Ford vehicles and much more.

There are also games and quizes that kids can participate in, including puzzles.

I hope you get the chance to visit the Farm Bureau Building to get that fresh milk and see how you can support farmers all around.

Be listening for Mike Adams and AgriTalk as they broadcast live from the Missouri State Fair at 10 a.m. on Newstalk 1050 KSIS.