Over the course of the years I have had the chance to be involved in various military relief organizations, whether it be collecting cards, clothes,  toiletry items, food or whatever.   With our close association with Whiteman Air Force Base and Fort Leonard Wood and the various National Guard and Reserve Units, it is interesting to see after the chaos of putting these drives together, what happens on the other end.

Recently, a Missouri National Guard Unit found out how much people cared at home when On April 15, 2012 insurgents attacked Forward Operating Base Finley Shields, one  of several sites targeted as part of a synchronized mass attack throughout  Afghanistan. Although the insurgents were unsuccessful in overrunning the base,  the resulting firefight torched a number of buildings including the living  quarters of Missouri National Guard’s Agribusiness Development Team (ADT) VI.  Members of the team had been in country for a little more than a week when they  lost everything in the attacks.

There were various drives done and thanks to the National Guard we can see how much devestation was done to their quarters and how the items got to them and how they organized them once it was received. Thanks to our troops for what they do!