Kids, you and I both know that there are new country singers every day. There are some that work, and some that... well, don't.  Let's be clear before I start in on this. When I'm referring to these people, I mean folks who started out in either rock or pop music, had some success there, and are now doing country music. Some have had bigger successes than others.

Now if I was going to be cynical (shocker, I know!), I would say it was about money. Those of us in the industry are familiar with the fact that county music fans are some of the few remaining music fans to actually buy and listen to full physical albums. Most pop and rock fans these days have gone over to digital formats or buy one song and not the whole album. Country fans are also extremely loyal and tend to go to concerts more often. So from the singer standpoint, you'll definitely make more money if someone buys ten songs instead of just one, and then also shells out $30 to go see your show. But I'm sure that there's also a vetting process with the fans.  They don't buy music they don't like, so if someone's not really doing it out of love, I think the fans know.

So I was wondering what you thought was working. Who is doing it right? Who's your favorite crossover to country? Let me know in our poll!  Get points by taking the poll here.

Pop-countrily yours,