At the Missouri State Fair, I had a caricature done by local artist Jim Dyke, and got to chat with him a little about his trade.

Hailing from Jefferson City, Jim is a very accomplished artist. He has a degree in Commercial Art from Southwest Baptist University, is an award winning editorial cartoonist and Art Director of the Jefferson City News Tribune, owns his own gallery and frame shop and has painted many murals in Missouri's capitol.

He just likes to draw caricatures at the State Fair for fun. The 2013 Fair was his 20th anniversary there drawing cartoons of people. Jim only charges $10 for black and white pictures at the Fair, and $15 for color. He says he likes to keep the price low so families can afford to get everyone a picture if they'd like. I'd estimate he completes a caricature in around 5 minutes, and he says he does so many a day that he can't even keep track.

I thought Jim did a great job with my caricature. I asked him if anyone ever has a problem with pictures he draws of them, and he said "No, everyone pretty much realizes it's all in good fun and it's supposed to be a cartoon. Although once in a great while there's some drunk girl who thinks she's prettier than she really is."

Jim is a really talented guy, and his painting are amazing. You can find out more about him and his art, and even order your own caricature here.