The second redo election of the year in St. Louis has reversed the outcome of the initial race.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that Rasheen Aldridge defeated Rodney Hubbard Sr. on Tuesday in the race for Fifth Ward Democratic committeeman.

A judge ordered the do-over after finding that absentee ballots had been improperly cast. While Aldridge got more votes the day of the Aug. 2 election, Hubbard won on the basis of absentee ballots. Committeemen typically direct party activities but hold no public authority.

A redo also was ordered in an election involving Hubbard's wife and questioned absentee ballots in a state House race. Penny Hubbard defeated fellow Democrat Bruce Franks in August, getting nearly 80 percent of the absentee ballots. But Franks won the do-over election in September.