The following Sedalia Police and Pettis County Sheriff's crime reports are from the morning of Tuesday, July 22, 2014.

Yesterday (July 21), 33-year-old Daniel Hooper was arrested for unlawful use of a weapon and property damage in the 2nd degree. A victim reported there was $1,500 in damage to a garage, that was done with a bb gun. Sedalia Police investigated and while they were talking with the victim, Hooper discharged a bb gun outside in the general direction of the victim and Sedalia Police. Hooper returned to his home and was arrested by Sedalia Police.

A man reported to Sedalia Police that he was assaulted, while at Housel Park on July 17.

Sedalia Police received a report on July 16, that a small brown and white Chihuahua was running loose in the 900 Block of South Sneed. Sedalia Police found the dog and it was taken to the animal shelter. The owner, Inna Petrashishin, was issued a municipal court summons, for animals running at large, with a court date of August 13, 2014.

A woman reported to Sedalia Police that she had either lost or someone stole the front Missouri License plate offer her vehicle on July 16.

Sedalia Police arrested Alvin Brown Jr. for trespassing in the 1st degree and assault on a law officer in the 3rd degree.