The following Sedalia Police and Pettis County Sheriff's crime reports are from the morning of Wednesday, January 28, 2015.

Yesterday afternoon (Jan. 27), Sedalia Police responded to a six-car accident that happened on Highway 65 and 14th. The accident started with a vehicle driving northbound, when a second vehicle began to slow quickly. The first driver applied his brakes, but slid and collided with the rear of the other vehicle and started a chain reaction. Most of the cars suffered heavy damage to the front and rear end of the vehicles.

A woman in the 1300 Block of East 4th, reported to Sedalia Police yesterday (Jan. 27), that somebody broke into the home and stole a jar containing $3,000, $500 in cash, a 65-inch tv, a fire safe containing gun magazines, a cell phone and a Playstation 3. The victim reported that all the items listed was valued at $5,220.

Yesterday (Jan. 27), employees of Dollar General, at 713 East Broadway, reported a theft.

A Genesis cordless drill and Coby portable DVD player was found in the 200 Block of South Missouri.

Early this morning (Jan. 28), Sedalia Police stopped a car after it committed several minor traffic violations. The officer detected an odor of marijuana and searched the vehicle. The officer found a marijuana roach and stem.

Sedalia Police issued 29-year-old Aaron Thompson a court summons for possession of marijuana.

Sedalia Police arrested Crystal Fischer for failure to appear-misdemeanor with two Johnson County warrants, bond set at $550 cash and a Pettis County warrant, with bond set at $1,500 cash/surety.

Sedalia Police arrested Darren Morey and Kristen Rhoads for driving while suspended, bond set at $532.50.

Sedalia Police arrested Linda Mulcrone for failure to appear, bond set at $150 cash.

Pettis County Deputies arrested Wesley and Melissa Franklen for warrants.

Sedalia Police issued a municipal summons to Joshua Corpier for stealing chicken, valued at $11.98, from Woods.