The following Sedalia Police and Pettis County Sheriff's reports come from the morning of Monday, February 18, 2013.

Several Thefts and Property Damage Reported In Area

The operations manager for MFA Oil reported to Sedalia Police that there was a series of thefts from the business since September 1, 2012.

A man on Hitaffer Road in Lamonte reported to the Pettis County Sheriff's Department that someone stole twenty chickens from his property on the night of Feb. 16. The fowl were valued at $200.

Sedalia Police went to the 1100 Block of Wilkerson for reported property damage that occurred on Feb. 15. The victim reported to Sedalia Police that one of the wood pillars that supports the overhang above the front porch was knocked off its foundation.

A man in the 1900 Block of West Broadway reported to Sedalia Police on Feb. 13 between 7 and 7:50 p.m. the rear window to the vehicle was damaged and there was a dent below the window on the left side of the car.

A man in the 600 Block of West Broadway reported to Sedalia Police that someone stole a rear tire and wheel, valued at $50, from a car between 9 p.m. Feb. 13 and 6:30 a.m. Feb. 14.

Yesterday morning (Feb. 17), Sedalia Police received a report of a woman that stole a car seat off a front porch in the 500 Block of East 4th.

A woman in the 1300 Block of East Booneville Road reported to Pettis County Deputies that some cash was stolen from her residence on Feb. 15 between 6 and 10 p.m.

Several Arrested In Area

Sedalia Police arrested Dennis Dawson for domestic assault in the 2nd, bond set at $5,000 cash/surety.

Sedalia Police arrested Darris Ford for having Jefferson City warrants, bond set at $500 cash/surety and $139 cash.

Sedalia Police arrested Karis Page for failure to appear for having an animal at large, peace disturbance and resisting arrest, bond set at $150 cash.

Sedalia Police arrested Michael Maggard for failure to appear, bond set at $141.29

Sedalia Police arrested Dani Gonzalez-Soto for having no operator's license, bond set at $109.

Sedalia Police arrested Timothy Fiedler for failure to appear for having expired plates, bond set at $88.50 cash.

Pettis County Deputies arrested Debbie Diaz for having a City of Sedalia failure to appear warrant, bond set at $88.50 cash.

Sedalia Police arrested Jordan Rhodes for having a Pettis County warrant, bond set at $10 cash only.

Pettis County Deputies responded to the 21000 Block of Highway 50 for a physical disturbance that was reported in area of Dukes & Boots early on Sunday morning (Feb. 17). 26-year-old Benjamin Hinsberger was arrested for assault in the 2nd degree, armed criminal action and unlawful use of a weapon. At the time of the report, Hinsberger was being held on a 24-hour investigivative hold pending filing of formal charges.

Sedalia Police arrested Toni Kelzer for driving while suspended and having a parole violation.

Pettis County Deputies arrested Christopher Curtis of Otterville for having an outstanding warrant.