Jack Miller’s Mother’s Day Poem for Mothers
Mother’s Day is coming soon, and I always like to write a poem for my late mother to help me through the sadness of not having her here anymore. Knowing how giving mom always was, I know she would want to share the poem with all the other mothers out there.
A TinCan Man’s Story: A Poem by Jack Miller
To understand the following poem, you will have to know that a sailor never loses his love for the ships he has served on or the seas he has sailed. You will also have to imagine an old sailor, too old for the sea, sitting at a bar talking to the only person who will listen to his sea stories.
A Mother’s Day Poem from Jack
This is a Mother's Day Poem I wrote for my mother who passed away seven years ago, and I would like to share it with all those who have lost their mothers, and will miss having them with them this Sunday.