Scott Joplin Festival

Scott Joplin Ragtime Festival Begins Today
The Scott Joplin Ragtime Festival begins today. Volunteers are needed to assist with setup and teardown for this year's event. The festival starts at the SFCC Stauffacher Center and continues in downtown Sedalia Thursday through Saturday.
2015 Scott Joplin Festival: Day 3
Hopefully the rain will stay away for the remainder of the Scott Joplin Festival, but there are lots of tents and indoor activities to enjoy the ragtime music.
The weather did cause the Maple Leaf Venue to be moved to the Liberty Center for the remainder of the festival...
Scott Joplin Festival [PHOTOS]
I made my way to Downtown Sedalia to check out the free venues for the 2015 Scott Joplin Festival and enjoyed catching up with some familiar faces and seeing the people who came from afar to enjoy the shows.
The weather did cause a little of a disturbance and moved the events in the Maple Leaf Venue …
Scott Joplin Festival: Day 2
The Scott Joplin Festival moves to Downtown Sedalia today with a lot of the tents and locations open. Here is a look at the free entertainment today and the paid shows are listed at the bottom.
Thursday - Saturday
Maple Leaf Club Site- Open 9 a...
Scott Joplin Festival: Wednesday June 3, 2015
The Scott Joplin Festival begins today and rolls through Saturday in Sedalia. The Scott Joplin Festival begins today (June 3) at State Fair Community College with free shows at the Commons area from 9 this morning until 4 this afternoon. There will be two paid shows at 2 this afternoon and 8 this ev…