The Warrensburg City Council approved an annexation and a rezoning request at its Monday night meeting.

City of Warrensburg

The Council conducted two public hearings – one for an ordinance annexing adjacent territory into the City of Warrensburg for right-of-way on Highway 13 at Hawthorne Blvd and NW 21 Road, and one for an ordinance rezoning land at 1107 S. Maguire from R3 to General Business.

The right-of way annexation originated from the Johnson County Commissioners, who submitted a voluntary annexation petition to the City.

The property is generally located at Business 13 (Maguire Street) from the current city limits to the north side of its intersection with Hawthorne Boulevard; and NW 21 Road (Holden Street) from the current city limits to the crossover with Business 13 (Maguire Street) and Hawthorne Boulevard.

Warrensburg Mayor Pro Tem Danielle Johnston explained that the annexation helped the City and County resolve a safety issue.

“That's going to allow us to use a TIF to put in a roundabout there to make that intersection a lot more safe,” she told KSIS. “The traffic at that intersection (makes) it very difficult to get across. And there's a lot of accidents out there, and we want to be able to prevent those from happening. So by annexing that land, we're now able to use those funds,” Johnston said.

Traffic studies and numerous police reports involving wrecks at the intersection were considered in the decision.

The rezoning ordinance involved enlarging an existing general business district at 1107 S. Maguire to include land that was zoned R3 (low-density multi-family residence) to now become general business. The request was made by Christopher Norman, owner of Performance Automotive, an auto repair business.

City of Warrensburg

The lot at 1107 S. Maguire Street currently sits in two zoning districts. The west (approximately) two-thirds of the lot is zoned for GB: General Business and the east one-third is zoned for R3: Low-Density Multi-Family Residence District. The property is developed with an automotive repair business. Norman is considering expansion options and the rezoning will help with those efforts, it was noted during the meeting by Barbara Carroll, director of Community Development.

Both actions were approved and recommended by the Planning and Zoning Commission, which met last week. The P&Z noted that the trend of development in the area is towards commercial interests. It was further noted that development of the land there “would eventually increase property taxes for the site.”

The Council met in closed session prior to the regular meeting. Mayor Bryan Jacobs was absent for Monday night's meeting.

Randy Kirby