A member of our staff took this photo. Someone decided to take it upon themselves to help re-fill the toilet paper in the restroom, but for some mysterious reason gave up before completing the job. 

You would think that going to the closet, finding a new roll, unwrapping it, then returning to the restroom with the new roll would actually be the hard part of the process. Why not put in that tiny little bit of extra effort required to put the toilet paper on the rack? Would it really have been that much more work?

There are probably a million other examples of things that co-workers do that annoy their fellow employees. Here's one that comes to mind immediately for me. There used to be a sign taped to a door leading to a back room in the radio station. Clearly and neatly printed on that sign were instructions to "always keep this door closed." Guess what was open nearly every single time I walked by?

We have another co-worker who (rightfully) gets aggravated when people take food and drinks from the company refrigerator that does not belong to them. People putting food in the refrigerator and then forgetting about that food is also pretty annoying.

What happens around your office that drives you crazy?