The other night I found myself up late watching television re-runs. Nothing like a bowl of ice cream at 2 a.m., watching old television shows on your local TV station. I was able to catch an episode of Seinfeld, and The Simpsons followed afterwards. While my miserable life happened to be real, I found myself wishing I was one of these characters at there favorite hangout spot.

Every great television sitcom has a hangout spot. Think back to all the great shows you have watched; some of the best conversations or scenes from that show happened at that spot. The first television hangout that comes to my mind is Moe's Tavern from The Simpsons. Imagine being a regular at Moe's, you get to hear Moe answer one of Bart's prank phone calls and yell across the bar, "phone call for an Al Coholic, is there an Al Coholic here?" You get to listen to the mumbling an burping that is Barney. Homer will tell you all of his crazy stories, and Lenny and Carl are there for any moral support you may have.

Another show that comes to mind that I grew up with was Chubbie's from Boy Meets World. When Cory and Shawn weren't in Mr. Feeny's office, they were at Chubbie's. Boy Meets World took place in Philadelphia, so you know they had to have great Philly Cheese steaks. Chubbie's had pinball machines and pool tables to enjoy, plus Tapanga was my childhood crush.

You can't forget the classic hangout spots like Cheers (they named the show after the place), The Maxx from Saved By The Ball, Monk's Restaurant from Seinfeld, and of course, Al's Diner from Happy Days.

Tell us which television hang spot you wish were real!