If you've ever wanted to build your own geeky home theater (and who among us hasn't), we've got some killer ideas for you. The only problem is that you'll need a huge home and a couple million dollars, which we're sure all of you have stashed under your king size mattress at your huge home.

So, let's say you've got some extra cash lying around (inheritance, lottery winnings, hard work, whatever shady dealings you may be up to in your spare time — whatever) and you've been dying to install a movie theater in your house. Are you going to go for some boring, plain theater? Just buy a flatscreen TV and plop it on a stand in the middle of the room. No. You love movies, and you're going to show your dedication by building a theater inspired by one of your favorite movies. If you're a Batman fan, wouldn't you want to watch The Dark Knight in a theater inside Bruce Wayne's library? That also has a Batman costume and a full-scale replica of the Batmobile? Of course you would!

Check out this list of some of the most amazing home theaters you'll ever see for some serious inspiration, and then get back to work scrounging up pennies to pay for this kind of massive project.

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