You probably have heard the rumblings about it for a while, and as you drive by it, I'm sure you've also seen the progress on the new Heckart Community Center. 

But you might not realize just how many people it's going to take to run the place.  The Sedalia Parks and Recreation department is looking for people to fill these roles today!

All positions listed below are open until filled.
Front Desk Attendant
Lead Front Desk Attendant
Assistant Pool Manager
Head Pool Manager
Head Lifeguard
Water Fitness Instructor
Fitness Attendant
Group Fitness Instructor
Personal Trainer
Child Watch Attendant

These are all part time gigs.  And of course they're wanting to get these all filled before they open up in March.  You know, some of these might be good jobs for kids that don't want to work fast food.  Or maybe a good second job for somebody looking to make a little extra money.  Or maybe even a change of career.  Like maybe you were doing an office job before, and now you want to see what it takes to be Water Fitness Instructor.

Heck, you might already watch kids or something and just want to do it in a fancy new building!

You can check out some of the details on their site. A City of Sedalia Employment Application may be submitted to the Sedalia Parks & Recreation Office at 1500 W. 3rd St.  They can also be submitted to the Personnel Office at 200 S. Osage, by fax to (660) 827-7818, or by email to

If you're looking for a new gig, good luck to you!  We might see your smiling face down at the Heckart this March!

Jobbingly yours,


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