Two Moniteau County Sheriff's Department employees were recently fired for alleged derogatory posts on Facebook.

A press release from the Moniteau County Sheriff's Department says on Saturday (March 30), the department became aware of the Facebook posts held by employees of the sheriff's office. An internal investigation was made into the nature and origin of the posts.

Sheriff Tony Wheatley said in a news release he found the items posted to be "offensive and showing very poor judgement."

Wheatley added the behavior will not be tolerated and immediate action was taken, which resulted in the firings of jail employee Dillon Davenport and Lt. Kevin Morse.

Wheatley apologized for the actions of the former employees and to the families affected by the posts. The news release indicated the posts started as a joke between the employees, with Wheatley adding, "the joke was in very poor taste and not a joking matter."

The sheriff thanked the public for bringing the issue to the attention of the sheriff's department, saying that some policies and procedures are being re-evaluated to help better serve citizens.

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