The Sedalia Motorcycle Association's Show-Me Bike Show was February 1 at the Missouri State Fairgrounds in the Ag building.

Beautiful bikes were the headline of the show but the live music and vendors were icing on the cake, commented Organizer Rick Yeager.

Motorcycles of all kinds turned out for the annual event. Choppers to off-road bikes. Vintage bikes to brand new 2020 bikes. Young kids to the young-at-heart came to show off their iron steeds. One gentlemen rode his motorcycle from Springfield, and it was 30 degrees when he left home, Yeager said.

The entrants had 19 classes available to put their rides in. Each bike was judged by three judges with the high-scoring bike winning. There was also a best-of-show bike.

The Best of Show bike was a beautifully restored 1930 Henderson.

2020 Sedalia Motorcycle Association’s Show Me Bike Show Results


Best of Show –Mark Pospisil, Mora,


Class 1 – Sportster – 1st Andy McNary, Topeka, KS ; 2nd Mark & Stormey Allen, Sedalia,


Class 2 – Harley Rubber Mount Stock – 1st Kaleb Zink, Otterville, MO


Class 3 – American Cruiser Stock – 1st Jesse Millsap, Sedalia, MO; 2nd Clint Harper, Clinton, MO; 3rd Frank Rouchka, Sedalia, MO


Class 4 – American Cruiser Mild Custom – 1st Horse Arnold, Malta Bend, MO


Class 5 – Sport Dresser Stock – 1st John Schwenk, Sedalia,


Class 6 – Sport Dresser Mild Custom – 1st Gavin Arnold, Malta Bend,


Class 7 – Dresser All Brands – 1st Bob Hartline, Belleville, IL; 2nd Bill Welch, Lone Jack, MO; 3rd Bob Jeffress, Otterville, MO


Class 9 – Custom Vintage – 1st Jim Hayworth, Sedalia, MO; 2nd Dale Thomas, Jefferson City, MO


Class 10 – Metric & European – 1st John (Jack) Keller, Oak Grove,


Class 11 – Sport Bike/V-Rod – 1st Gene Seifert, Otterville,


Class 12 – Chopper – 1st David DelGrosso, Jefferson City, MO; 2nd David DelGrosso, Jefferson City, MO; 3rd Steve Belanger, Sedalia, MO;


Class 13 – Trike/Side Card – 1st Dave Kehoe, Sedalia, MO; 2nd Lonnie Blum, Holden, MO; 3rd Jim Bertram, Brumley,


Class 14 – Vintage 1900-1985 (500 cc & Larger) – 1st Mark & Stormey Allen, Sedalia,


Class 15 – Vintage 1900-1990 (499 cc & Smaller) – 1st Mark & Stormey Allen, Sedalia, MO; 2nd Bob Garner, California, MO; 3rd Layton Fortman, Pilot Grove, MO; 4th Mark & Stormey Allen, Sedalia, MO


Class 16 – Production Custom Harley CVO – 1st Terry Reed, Sedalia, MO


Class 17 – Special Construction – 1st Lou Atkinson, Warrensburg


Class 18 – Rat – 1st Roger Spade, Green Ridge, MO; 2nd Mike Green, Sedalia; 3rd James Holloway, Springfield, MO


Class 19 – Off Road/Racer – 1st Kyla Noble, Green Ridge, MO; 2nd Brecken Noble, Green Ridge, MO; 3rd Chad Beckley, Fair Grove, Mo.

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