I am an University of Central Missouri Alumnus who loves Twitter. Here are the five Twitter accounts everyone at UCM needs to follow.

@UCMAmbrose - This is the official Twitter account for President Ambrose. He has over 5,000 followers and close to 5,000 tweets. UCM is lucky to have the coolest university president ever! He usually has post promoting athletics and university but he is not above letting his personality show. He also enjoys tweeting with his students. Every now and then he holds a Twitter Q&A with his students. This allows him to build a stronger connection with the student body. I have lived in Warrensburg my whole life and I only know one president: President Ambrose.

@DirtyBurgPassOuts  - Going from a more serious account to the always hilarious pass out photos. If you ever need to kill a little time or if you are bored, check out Passout City. Warrensburg's Pine Street has had a reputation for a long time. PineSstreet may not be as wild as it once was, but every now and then it will get the best of you. These people just could not hang.

 - This is the Fake Linda Persing account. It does not matter if you are student, staff or faculty, you know who Linda Persing is. This is one of my favorite parody accounts because we have all been waiting for an email before, then one comes in, and it is an elevator update. Because of her emails, I am convinced I should never use an elevator at UCM. This is a new account with only 2 tweets and 76 followers, but I love the creativity behind whoever made the account.  
@UCMProbs - Everyone loves to vent, and this is where all UCM vents come together. Problem accounts set up for venting are all over Twitter, so of course UCM has one. If you have a problem with class, dorms, food, professors or the Dirty Burg, this is where you go. This account has over 1,600 followers and follows over 2,000. If nothing else they will probably give you a follow back. Who does not want to have a place to rant when they want complain? UCMProbs is that place.
@UCMMules - Back to a more constructive account: you should follow the UCM Mules and Jennies. They do a great job covering all of UCM's athletics. If you can not make it to the game, they have the scores, highlights and more for you. They cover everything from football, baseball, Jennies golf and more. Well after you graduate from UCM, it is a great way to keep up with our Mules and Jennies. They were all over the Mules Division II Championship.

@DGill73, and make sure to follow our stations
@KIX105 and