In the last year I have talked about a few teachers that have passed on in the Knob Noster School District and just how much of an impact they made, from Mr. Altis to Mrs. Pierce to Mrs. Melvin and a few others along the way in the last few years. I saw this online and thought of all the tributes done and it is safe to say, they all have something in common. They not only taught to teach, they gained our respect, our admiration, our sincerity and their passion grew with each student that learned, consumed and were influenced by their teachings. Whenever I would visit them after I graduated, especially Mrs. Pierce and Mr. Altis I still recall telling them thanks for all their efforts and helping me get on my path. I think in all the funerals the outpouring really showed, but I'm sure they all knew before. I think they know wherever they are they made a difference. I was reminded of this statement when I saw this moving tribute done by 1,700 students in New Zealand.


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