Quite often the Knbo Noster Fire Department celebrates and mourns first responders on their Facebook page.

Today I noticed they shared a post from the Chicago Police Department for the End of Watch of officer Ella French who was killed Saturday. I also noticed shares of remembrances of Clinton Police Officer Gary Michael Jr. who was ambushed and killed on August 6, 2017, and Trooper Frederick F. “Fred” Guthrie Jr. who died August 1, 2011, while protecting Missourians during flooding in Holt County. Seeing these posts made me pause, and thank God for the men and women who run into the danger.

We don't say thank you enough to the men and women who pursue law enforcement as a career. Sure there are times where being a police officer can bring rock star status. Most notably after 9-11. Or when a child aspires to be a police officer. But by and large, it's a tough, unforgiving, job that takes its toll on the men and women who put on the uniform.

We're quick to put the spotlight on bad police officers, troubled departments, and nuanced policies that perhaps need to be evolved. Without giving thought to those departments that are an example of how modern police work should be done. Without a thought that there are many, many, good men and women who got into police work not to hurt, not to give us a hard time, but to help us. To be there for us at the worst moment of our lives, whatever the reason.

To everyone who puts on the uniform and swears an oath to protect the constitution. The laws of the State of Missouri. Or whatever county, city, or jurisdiction you've chosen to work in. Thank you for being a police officer. Thank you for your sacrifice. Thank you for your time and efforts to keep us safe.

For those interested in learning more about how police officers do their job and police departments operate. I highly suggest you apply to be a part of the Sedalia Police Department's Citizen's Academy. (Or check to see if your local department offers a similar opportunity.) It's a course that will change and challenge your perception of police work regardless of whether you're pro-police, or skeptical of the work these men and women do. Learn more about The upcoming Sedalia Citizen's Police Academy here

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