It’s that time of the year again; the time when school will soon be out, and the kids will be free to do all those things they have been daydreaming about in class. I know we all have memories of those long lazy days of summer as kids, especially those of us who are long removed from our school days. I always looked forward to those three months of freedom from homework, early rising, and in the case of my friends and I, shoes, and most of my clothes.

Those days are very much on my mind today, after going to a School Board Meeting on Monday night at Washington Elementary, the school I spent seven years of classroom time. The memory of walking out the door of that school with my grade card in my hand on a warm day, knowing there was three months of barefoot fun ahead is one I still relish.

Of all the feelings I can conjure up about my childhood, that one has to rank among the best. To the kids of my old school, and all the other schools, I hope you enjoy a great summer, and build great memories like the ones I have every year at this time.