You guys know I'm not a huge fan of summer. I don't like the heat, I don't like sweating.

And if I'm too hot, I can't sleep. Or stay asleep.  So I'm all about using different methods to cool down.  This, I don't know about though.

Do people really do this in summer, or is it just internet nonsense?  A bunch of websites claim you can beat the heat and get to sleep faster by leaving your sheets in the FREEZER for 30 minutes before bed.  I don't think I can get behind this one.  First, it's a hassle.  You have to take your frozen sheets out of the freezer and put them on right before bed.  So that's a lot of bed-making if you do it every time it's hot out.  It also comes across as the kind of thing an looney tunes person would do.  So be ready to defend your decision if someone asks why your bedding is in the fridge.

But the main reason I'm skeptical is that it doesn't seem like it would work.  Yes, your bed might be nice and chilly at first.  But it won't last long.  And it can make your sheets slightly MOIST.  Which is just as unpleasant to say as it is to type.  While they're in the freezer, they'll pull a tiny bit of moisture from the air.  It can even happen if they're in a bag, so you'd almost need to vacuum seal them.  And once they heat up, the added moisture will actually make you hotter.

Me, I  say a better idea is to use a fan, or buy different sheets with as low of a thread count as possible.  The lower the thread count, the more they'll breathe.

Would you try it? Have you ever heard of someone putting their sheets in the freezer?

Coolingly yours,


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