So guys, I admit, I'm not as much of a reader as I used to be. 

NJ's Mom loaned me a book weeks ago, and I have yet to open it.  Not that I don't want to read it, I just.... haven't. Maybe I'll try to sneak the book back to her house without her knowing?  Maybe she'll just forget I had it.  Not that I don't read! I do!  I read books online, and I just read a comic series that was pretty great. Dark, but great.

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Anyway, instead of asking what you'd like to read, I asked you something that asked for a little more creativity from you the other day on our social media page. And while I knew you guys were funny, maybe a little snarky, who knew ya'll were so dang creative! Every comment was a book I would totally read. Let's go over some of your answers.

Yvette AN
I've always wanted to write a book about living in a motel. (my parents owned one in the '70's-80's...oh the stories I can tell

You know, I don't think I've ever misbehaved in a hotel, but... well. I'm lots of people have done things in a hotel room they would never do at home, let's put it that way. Lots of black light involved.

Dana M
Maybe a time travel story? The protagonist is always talking about the "Good Old Days", and about how much simpler life was a hundred years ago. They somehow get transported back to 1920 and have to learn how to navigate through life in the "modern world". Through a series of mis-adventures they soon find out life was more complicated back then, than they had previously thought. Sort of like "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court".

See, this would be interesting. I bet he would make it pretty historically accurate, as well. And I bet it would make a lot of us appreciate what we've got in modern luxuries!

Leanna SW
Trauma and drama!

Well, ain't that always what it's about? One second you're a regular kid playing D&D in your basement, next minute you're fighting a Mind Flayer.

Larry P
The Beaman Monster

My late cousin Travis wrote a big piece on this for the paper years ago. It's still pretty great if you can find it. I've heard stories. Some people say it's a guy in an ape suit, some people say he's real, some people say he's a bear... until Larry writes the book, this case may just stay..... a mystery.

Dan B
A Historical Fiction set during the Banana Wars in Central America. It’d give me the opportunity to research and learn more about them.

OOoooooh, I read a bit about those back in the day. It's a LOT more complicated than you would think. A lot of people were very determined to get the majority banana market, let's just put it that way. Unless you wanna Google it. I don't want to spoil Dan's book for ya.

Karen J
A true story growing up in a funeral home being part of The Addams family

See, this is another story that pretty much only you can tell. It must have been very different to how I grew up, I'll give you that.

Beverly B
Karen J All those stories those dancing bra and underwear could tell!

Okay, apparently these two know each other, and something I don't. Save it for the book!

Steve K
The restaurant business. It would be called "Scenes Behind The Dishtowel"

Oh, like an updated, Sedalia version of "Kitchen Confidential"?! I'd read it.

Well, what about you? If you were to write a novel, what would it be about? Would it be from your own stories, a historical event, something fantastical...?

I write these things every day, so I doubt I have it in me to write a book. Maybe someday. Maybe you guys will inspire me! Let's keep the topic going!

Writerly yours,

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