Kansas City officials removed about 300 small animals from a Kansas City duplex in the 4000 block of Wabash.

A city official says the lab rats, rabbits, guinea pigs, turtles and other animals were in a duplex where two people lived.

John Baccala, a spokesman for the Kansas City Neighborhood and Housing Services, says the conditions were deplorable, and the odor was noticeable outside the home. Baccala says officials don't know why the residents were keeping the animals.

A fire department crew was checking ammonia levels at the duplex. KC Pet Project is working with the city to find homes for the animals.

KC Pet Project said it counted 268 pets inside the home. In all, there were 217 rats, 16 rabbits, two geckos, two guinea pigs, six turtles, nine hamsters, three gerbils and three mice located inside the duplex.

City officials received an anonymous tip Monday morning concerning the smell, which led to the investigation.

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