Guys, I was driving around downtown pretty recently and I came across something that gave me a lot more questions than I had answers for.

Take a look at this.


Just some random graffiti, right?  I guess.  I don't get it, myself. Now those graffiti people that do elaborate paintings and characters and stuff, now that I kind of get.  But just to write a random word on a building?  Why?  What does that get you? I mean, all it does for me is make me think this Glen person isn't right in the head.  Or a bored kid.  Maybe we should ask the hard questions and unpack this.

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It kind of asks the question, do you want to get picked up for property damage? 'Cos that's pretty much what you're asking to do. Just write your name somewhere I guess and while you're at it, would you please be so kind as to tip the cops off of your address?  Which makes me think this might be a kid.  Because that's pretty stupid. But it's stupid even for a kid, because if your kid came home with an empty spray paint can in the trash and residue on his hands, his name is Glen and you saw this?  Busted.

Or is that just what they WANT us to think?! What if someone is trying to set Glen up for a fall!? What if someone was thinking, "Oh man, I am going to GET Glen today.  I'm gonna make it look like he spray painted the side of this building! Take that, Glen!"

Or maybe it was an abandoned attempt at declaring love? Like he was going to write "Glen + Tricia 4 EVA" and got interrupted?  I don't know.  Either way, I have QUESTIONS (please imagine me saying that like Matt Bellassai).

So Glen, might be time to come clean. Or prove your innocence! I. NEED. ANSWERS.

Questioningly yours,

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