I am sitting at home, and a random thought came into my head.  I have not played a pinball game in a little while.  I think it came from watching a show on tv and a pinball game was being played.  Anyhow, I remember years ago playing in the BX arcade and Minuteman Lanes and even the Rec Center upon occasion, pinball.

I think my favorite game was the Terminator pinball game,  there was nothing like pulling the gun back to try and hit the helicopter.    Another favorite was the Simpsons, where you could hit the nucleur reactors.   There was also Rescue 911 that I recall playing numerous time at Wal-Mart when they had an arcade area.  Plus visits to Token Joes in Sedalia and playing games in the Union.  I could go all day with playing those games, and not even realize how many quarters were consumed.

I have this goal to one day have my own pinball machine at home, but alas they are a bit on the expensive side to have them restored and kept up, so I do have the next best thing in the video game versions of them, but there is nothing like the feel of a pinball machine.  With the advent of the video game industry and game stores going away, the pinball machine may be mostly geared in the past, but I am pleasantly suprised to see there are new pinball games being made, so I can keep hope alive to own one.

Did you have a favorite pinball game and would you play it if given the chance?